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HR outsourcing is a hot topic in the entrepreneurial world. As much as these services carry the core of the business, they do not have any weight regarding the core functions and branding. The most brilliant move is to hire an external small business HR team that will oversee normal office operations so that you can manage all the activities that matter.

About outsourcing your HR functions

More than two-thirds of companies are using HR services, and more are getting onto the same because there are more benefits than keeping one in your payroll all year round. The process of how small business owners successfully delegate HR is easy when you know what you want and difficult when you do not know the basic rules of the game.

The risk of HR outsourcing

Security risk

The first consideration when hiring a team is whether they will maintain your firm’s confidentiality. You want to choose a team with systems in place to ensure they will keep up with all security risks. An example is that you want a small HR team that knows about cyber security and uses firewalls and encryption tools to filter out probable hackers.

Risk of sustainable growth

Hiring an HR team is risky when you do not know whether they want to grow with your firm for the long haul. We suggest implementing skills that will add value to your firm and using a team that has long-term contracts to satisfy your long-term needs.

The risk of cultural misfits

The last but essential risk of hiring an outsider is that they will not fit into your company’s values and culture. It is essential to bring on a team with values that somewhat resemble yours or be willing to go the extra mile of learning about you and how they can support the smooth transition.

Step by step process to outsource HR functions

  • Create a map or list of what kinds of services you need so you know what values to consider in potential HR teams.
  • Calculate the amount it would cost to run an in-house team and compare whether adding an external team will save you money and bring in more value.
  • Choose whether you want to keep the HR team for longer and whether they can produce more value for other functions in your business.
  • Check the reviews of the prospective HR team as an indication that they are competent for your business and company.
  • Book a personalized consultation as soon as possible to secure your spot and transition into better and improved services to pump up your overall productivity

Managing the transition to outsourcing HR for small businesses

It is vital to tell your staff that you are changing the HR arrangement and be transparent about all the minor changes that will happen. We have a comprehensive onboarding solution to ensure all your services transition smoothly without any unpleasant surprises.

Outsourcing HR has many moving parts, and the above is only a scratch on the surface. Contact Curucaye today (888-768-8828) for personalized guidance on how we can join your company and maintain or better the results with some of the best HR outsourcing skills.



small business HR team

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