Course Overview

3 courses to get you proficient in Quickbooks

New to QuickBooks or accounting? QuickBooks can be tough, we know. With 20+ years of experience, we’ve designed these courses to teach you to be confident and proficient in QuickBooks.


Our Introduction to QuickBooks class is intended for new business owners that have just purchased QuickBooks, or are interested in purchasing.


2 hour of instruction

This course covers the following topics:

  • Which version of QuickBooks is right for you?
  • What are the true costs of different QuickBooks options
  • QuickBooks Structure
  • Customers and Invoicing
  • Receiving Payments
  • Making Deposits
  • Managing Accounts Receivables
  • Vendors and Bills
  • Writing Checks
  • Cash vs Accural Accounting
  • Common Mistakes


Our Intermediate class is intended for those who have taken our Introductory class or have some experience with QuickBooks.


4 hours of instruction

This course covers the following topics:

  • QuickBooks Setup
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Sales Items – wholesale and retail
  • Sales Tax
  • Cash Sales
  • Point of Sales
  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Accounts
  • Merchant Accounts

This class is covered by our 100% money back guarantee.


Our Advanced class is for those who have taken both our Introduction and Intermediate classes and who are ready to move on to advanced topics.


4 hours of instruction

This course covers the following topics:

  • Reporting and Paying Sales Tax
  • Users and Passwords
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Payroll Setup and Processing
  • Inventory

This class is covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

The Bundle

This course covers everything in our Intermediate QuickBooks course & Advanced QuickBooks course. PLUS, an hour of one-on-one consulting. A $175.00 value!


A savings of $225.00!

This class is covered by our
100% money
back guarantee.

Risk free, money back guarantee

We are committed to our 100% guarantee. We only want happy, satisfied customers. 

How are the classes taught?

Each of our classes are taught virtually. You can take them from just about anywhere.  We use high definition cameras and audio for the best virtual experience. You will see and hear the instructor.  He will see and hear you.  Your questions will be answered, just as if you were in a conventional classroom. At the same time, you will be viewing slides and QuickBooks demos.

Why is your intro class free?

We provide our intro class free of charge. We are confident that once you have experienced our virtual environment, and sampled our course content, you will want to continue with our more advanced courses.

What do you mean by hands-on?

Hands on means that you will be working class exercises during the class, using our virtual QuickBooks labs. The instructor is available to answers questions, just as in a conventional classroom. 

Are there workbooks I need to purchase?

No. Each class has a workbook associated with it, you will receive this via email the day before your class is scheduled.  The workbook is meant for you to use as a reference guide, so that you can easily perform the same functions in your own QuickBooks file, using the step by step instructions contained in the workbook.  We recommend that you print out the workbook.  It will be easier to make notes, and will not take up any of your screen space.

How does your Money back guarantee work?

If during the Intermediate QuickBooks class, you decide the class and therefore, The Bundle, does not meet your needs.  We will cheerfully refund the entire price of your courses.  If you decide during the Advanced class that you are not satisfied with the class, we will refund the difference between the price of The Bundle and the price of the Intermediate QuickBooks class.
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