free quickbooks introduction class

The first step is to Register for one of our classes.
If you are interested in taking our free introductory class, you still need to register for the class.

Once you have registered for the class. You will receive a acknowlegement email from our web site.  You should receive the email within a few minutes, after you finish the check out process.

QuiickBooks Confirmation email

You will receive a second email, directly from us ( confirming your seat in the class.

The email includes guidelines to help insure that you get the most from the class.  You can make sure that you are able to connect to Zoom, using their test meeting url,

You can also verify that you can connect to our QuickBooks virtual lab server using the RdcTestRemote.rdp file that is attached to the email.

You will get this second email within 24 hours, usually the same day you registered.



The day before your class is scheduled, you will receive a third email.  This email contains everything you will need to connect to the class.

  1. A link to the Zoom meeting for the class
  2. An Remote Desktop Connection file (rdp) that will connect you to your QuickBooks exercise labs.
  3. The course workbook, this is a pdf that you will use in the class.  We recommend that you print the workbook, so you can easily take notes.
Both the Online Live virtual classroom session and the virtual QuickBooks session (rdp) will be available 15 minutes prior to the start of the class.
QuickBooks Training Session

​If you need to reschedule or decide to not take the class, you simply reply to the acknowledgement email and tell us when you would like to reschedule, or that you simply wish to not take the class.  We will respond with an email usually the same weekday, but it may be the next business day.​

If you decide during one of our paid classes, that you want to withdraw and receive a refund. You can simply disconnect from the RDP session and the virtual class.  Send us an email, and we will refund the cost of the class to you.  We truly only want to have happy, satisfied customers.