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Best Podcasts For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There are millions of podcasts to choose for the millions of Americans who listen to them every single day. The aspiring entrepreneur gets part of their fate from these listens because they embed the data deep into the subconscious. Different podcasts offer different values for the aspiring entrepreneur. Geraldine has a gift of deep insight, allowing her to understand different realms of a business journey. You can expect to get the most profound wisdom to kick-start your journey, because the podcasts touch on the following subjects.

What to expect from the best podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs

Startup knowledge

Jippe has a podcast that features many different industry leaders at different capacities. They tell some of their most shocking, magical and challenging stories through the podcast interview. There is a story for everyone looking to enjoy a story of setting up a business, or learn the steps of how to become successful for the long haul. You will always find something to admire or emulate when you subscribe to our Spotify channel and scroll through all the different entrepreneurial stories.

Actionable steps

Would it not be perfect if we could take predetermined steps to achieve a foreseen goal in business? Entrepreneurship would be easy if all we did was take actionable pieces of advice that yield actual results. However, every business entity understands that this case is impossible because a business has many different contributive conditions affecting its growth.

Luckily, it is highly likely that you will get a business savvy speaker who shares a strikingly similar experience to yourself. We host many different speakers who offer fun, useful and professional advice that may apply to your course. Take time out to find one that will deliver the most resonating advice, for you to have an easy growth to success.


Business is not always about making the most cold-cut strategies of struggling and hustling. You may need to sit back or scale down a feature a couple of times, for the benefit of a bigger goal. 

Geraldine combines the knowledge of many different business journeys to understand how the aspiring business owner. We have talks that inspire a strong mindset and successful business strategy so you can have confidence of becoming the best possible version for your long-term success.

Comeback motivation

More than 50% of every startup business will not make it past the three-year mark with good numbers to show for the years. Unfortunately, most people will give up before finding a different strategy to improve the business. It is best that you learn how to do business right even after the first failure. We teach you how to improve your strategy and adapt the best one for the quick and rewarding recovery.

Financial information

It is important that the businessperson understands impactful ways of manipulating the income for continued growth. Geraldine explores the common and rare obstacles of business so you can improve your financial IQ.

We have an exponential view of different businesses and a strong dedication to help you get the ins and outs. The good news is we have public podcasts for a free subscription on Spotify. Click here to listen to the first episode and explore more podcast options.


Best Podcasts For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Best Podcasts For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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