We have been using QuickBooks desktop to run our own businesses for nearly 25 years.

We are not CPA’s; just experienced QuickBooks users.  We developed these courses to help others to quickly learn how to use QuickBooks Desktop to better run their businesses.  And to avoid the mistakes that new users make, trust us on this, we have made a ton of mistakes.

Our classes are hands-on.  You will learn by watching and listening to the lecture, asking questions, doing the exercises in our virtual lab.  

We have strived to make our classes and examples easy to follow, emphasizing concepts that you can relate back to your own business.

We know that your time is valuable, and it may be difficult to devote a full day or more to training. We have broken our training into three classes.  The free Introdution to QuickBooks class has about 90 minutes of instruction.  The Intermediate and Advanced QuickBooks classes are about 4 hours long.  We offer each class multiple times during the week, and at different hours, so you can select the day and time that is the least disruptive for you.

We also know that sometimes classroom training is not enough, so we also offer QuickBooks consulting.  Stressing that we are not CPA’s, we don’t speak CPA-speak.  We can help answer specific questions about using QuickBooks to help you run your business with more success.

Check out our classes here.